HappinessDay.org is operated by Illien Global Public Benefit Corporation, as well as selected countries, intergovernmental organizations and civil society organizations, with the intention of supporting openness, transparency, human rights, the UN Charter, and the values, principles and articles of UN resolutions 65/309 Happiness: Towards a Holistic Approach to Development and 66/281: International Day of Happiness.

Our goal as a governance body is to promote and serve the public good. It is the intention of the governing body of Happiness Day to make its governance more open and democratic in the years ahead should the opportunity be presented.

Most importantly, it is the objective of this governance body to ensure that all human beings know that happiness is a fundamental human right and goal, that happiness is the subject of intensive research which dates back to the beginning of humankind, the ancient sages and philosophers and major historical figures, that happiness is the subject of much debate including the definition of happiness, and finally, that new capabilities and breakthroughs in technology and communications have made it possible for individuals, groups, companies, organizations, and nations to measure happiness beyond the subjective and survey level, through technology-driven capacities.

Happiness Day governing members welcome this development, and view the unlimited opportunities and prospects for humanity to actually measure human happiness as one of the single greatest objectives which this governing body can promote, preserve and protect.